About this songwriter’s journey

Are we nearly there yet?

I’ve been writing, or mostly trying to write, songs for many years now. I started in the 1970s and David Bowie was my first songwriting hero. I knew Beatles’ songs prior to that but it never occurred to me that they actually wrote them. David Bowie was the first person I heard talking about writing songs, which made me want to do it myself. As you might imagine, my first attempts were all about strange lonely men walking around on their own (I particularly loved Bowie’s “All the Madmen”).

Get it down on a bit of paper

I have been trying for ages to make the commitment to be more disciplined in my songwriting and get some published and/or recorded but now I think I am finally going to do it. I was going to keep notes on my thoughts and progress in a little notebook but I’d probably lose it or forget to take it out with me so I decided to keep a little online journal right here instead.

What a know-it-all

The tone of some posts may give the impression that I think I am in a position to give you advice. The advice presented here is intended for myself. I hope I follow it. Old hat, but the journey isthe reward.

If you have any comments or would just like to get in touch then please do so; it will be great to hear from you.